Frequently Asked Questions
How do I sign up?A simple one time sign up online, you will be asked to supply your merchant ID.
Do I need any additional equipment or hardware?No, your current systems can operate exactly as they already do.
Do I need a telephone line?No.
Do I need Wi-Fi/internet?No, however you will need internet to access the marketing portal.
Do I need to train my staff to use the system? Staff will not need any training in store, however staff should know how to redeem a customer’s voucher on the App and how to direct them to sign up. Instructions will be provided for this.
Do I need extra space on my counter?No you will not require any extra space on your counter as there is no additional hardware required.
How much does it cost?There will be a setup fee of £99 and then a fixed monthly fee from just £20.
Are there any additional costs?There will only be additional costs if you exceed the marketing portal monthly allowance or the monthly transactional allowance.
Will my customer data be available to anyone else?No.
Can I access my customer data?Yes. You can access your customer’s data through a portal which allows you to view their transactions with your business and send them direct emails or app messages.
Will my data be sold to anyone else?No.
Which customers do I enrol?Enrol all of your customers, this will benefit your sales and marketing.
What are the voucher redemption guidelines?Customers will receive a voucher on their App and show this at your counter. You will receive a report each night showing the redemptions for the day.
Do I need a POS system?You do not require a particular POS system but your business needs to already take card payments, you’ll need to supply your merchant ID on sign up.
Do I need any loyalty cards or coupons for customers?No. You are not required to have any extra cards, coupons or system changes.
How long will it take until I am operational?IT can take up to ten days but customers who sign up during this period will receive points retrospectively when the process is complete.
How quickly will my customer receive their points and vouchers?This can vary depending upon the card type the customer has purchased with. It can happen instantly however in some cases it may take several days.
How long is the contract?You will be contracted to 12 months.